LIFT - Integrated Whole Health & Fitness
LIFT - Integrated Whole Health & Fitness

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About Me

Founded & Owned by Mona Al Bitar 


In this community and across this platform, we are helping busy women GET RESULTS by reclaiming their health & fitness through a step by step whole person approach and create a Legacy of Health and Fitness!

We offer a variety of step by step guided options that are designed to to help you become the unstoppable, woman that you crave and desire to become! 

The one that creates whatever RESULTS she decides she wants to achieve!

Our online coaching platform is designed BY BUSY WOMEN for BUSY  WOMEN with limited time, space, and equipment!

You Can Get Into Amazing Shape As A Busy Woman and mom With Limited Time you just have to have the desire to START!

When you prioritize yourself  for even just a few minutes a day, you can get results, and have confidence in the way you look and more importantly feel.

1. Apply for 1-on-1 Coaching

Complete a short application so I can learn more about you and your goals - click the link below and apply to work with me.

Apply to work with me

2. Have a 1-on-1 Strategy Call with me

Together we will create an actionable plan for you to start immediately so you can achieve your health & fitness goals!

Join the network and DM me to connect with me & schedule a complimentary 20 minute connection call with me.

3. Create a Legacy of Health and Fitness

Create Total and Permanent Transformation of your health and fitness and inspire your family and lived ones to live healthier and happier lives. 

Be THE example and ROLE MODEL you with to be for your children, colleagues, friends and loved ones!

Why You Should Join Me

I care about supporting your goals by understanding YOUR specific needs to help you achieve your optimal health, fitness and wellness lifestyle outcomes because "Health" is bio individual!

A Big Thanks

Thank you for being a part of our community! Staying active within the community, expressing your ideas, needs & goals and sharing them with everyone is the best way we can support your goals!